K2 Vacuum blocks and gaskets

Replacement pods and seals for Weeke, Ima and Homag Pod and Rail Machine
100% Compatible with OEM pods and interchange able. Two-Piece design is cost effective. Don't buy a whole new pod, just replace the top and your back in business. Save $$

114x160 Complete vacuum block SKU: POD0192 PRICE: $225.00

114x75 Complete half vacuum block SKU: POD0196 PRICE: $225.00

115x160 pod gasket SKU: PG0192 PRICE: $25.00

125x75 pod gasket SKU: PG0196 PRICE: $18.00

115x160 bottom gasket with rails SKU: PG0191 PRICE: $31.00

Wing plate SKU: WP300 PRICE: $25.00