About Our Facility

We use fully integrated Cad/Cam state of the art tooling!

Our equipment is constantly being upgraded so that we may guarantee precision and production. Downtime is at an absolute minimum and we work 24/7 to assure delivery and around the clock repairs. If your plant runs one or more shifts without the support of a maintenance shop... keep us in mind.

Pay for the work only one time. Pay for only top quality tooling and repairs. Let us worry about sick time and paid vacations. Even if you have an in-house machine facility it will make sense to consider us to manufacture your next tool. We also have high production capacity for machining individual parts, metal stamping and injection molding.

Many times our customers have needed a small quantity of plastic parts and machine them out of solid plastic because they believe that mold tooling would be more expensive. We can create temporary tooling in pre-hardened aluminum which we run in M.U.D. bases and are extremely cost effective.

Problem Solving - In House Design

A customer recently approached us looking for a solution to their problem of only having one source for a 90 degree fiber optic boot. These injection molded parts were being bought from an O.E.M. at the cost of fifty cents per piece. Usage ran into the tens of thousands. VacuumPods.com designed and built a miniature two cavity cam-action mold specifically to run in a vertical molding machine which cut the cost per piece to less than fifteen cents even while amortizing the cost of the tool.

In another instance, a specialize connector component was being machined from a high resistance plastic sheet material on a vertical machining center. the cost and production limits became intolerable and we were asked to help find a solution. Our tool-makers designed and built a steel mold for under five thousand dollars which runs hands-off and is capable of manufacturing the connector parts at a rate and cost that could never be matched by a C.N.C.

Toolmakers for Three Generations!

We have state of the art machinery and a full toolroom. All of our products are manufactured in house to assure the highest quality. Our designers use Mastercam Ver.9, but are familiar with any CAD/CAM software. From design to finished part, we include you in the process. Check out our custom pod page for an example of our work. Three generations of toolmakers stand ready for your next project.

New aluminum alloys created by Alcoa and designed for tooling manufacture is durable, hard and polished easily. If aluminum alloys that were available (6061 or 7075) have made you skeptical of aluminum molds QC-7 will change your mind. For shorter production runs QC-7 is much more durable than 7075 and still provides a 30-40% cost reduction over molds built from P-20. Because QC-7 has almost 7 times the thermal conductivity of P-20, cycle times are reduced providing additional savings at production. Further cuts in tooling costs can be obtained by using a M.U.D. base. We are equipped with all sizes and test shoot our molds at no charge so any changes can be made before shipping. We also specialize in insert molded parts and can, in most cases, manufacture inserts on the site.

We would like to quote any work that you have. General machine work as well as any tooling or prototype work. We can work from sketches, blueprints or verbal instructions and are capable of creating our own 3-D full surface files. We can work in any material and give excellent delivery.